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Sustainable Lawn Care in Wilmington, NC: Clean Air Lawn Care

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According to the EPA, 1 hour mowing with a traditional gas lawn mower puts out as much air pollution as an SUV driven 23,000 miles!

In 2011, Clean Air reduced 135,237 pounds of pollution nationwide, equalling over 3,942,747 vehicle miles!

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Use this simple calculator to help you understand how choosing a truly green service can affect the air quality here in Wilmington!

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Clean Air Lawn Care Wilmington is dedicated to providing high quality, sustainable organic lawn care and maintenance that is safe and healthy for our customers as well as the environment. 

We use battery powered electric mowers, trimmers and blowers which produce zero emmissions and are recharged during the day using solar panels mounted on our truck as well as using organic fertilizers and soil amendments to help build healthy soils.