Bat Box Installation

batbox-e1558113707898Clean Air Lawn Care Wilmington offer bat box installation as a way to help protect your lawn from mosquitoes while also giving bats a safe place to live. As one bat can eat up to 1000 mosquitoes a night, a bat box is a great way to naturally reduce the number of pests in your lawn. If you are concerned about moths eating your garden plants, bats can eat up to 60 moths in one night! While you can’t control what the bats will eat, you can rest assure that they will be helping your property feel more comfortable. Another cool thing about having bats around is that they act as a pollinator in many ecosystems, similar to bees.

Clean Air’s bat box installation service is a one-time service to get a bat box in your lawn so that you can begin to house bats to help lower the pests flying around your lawn.

More Facts about bats and getting a bat box:batbox1

  • The bat house should be in a location where it gets at least 6 hours of sun to keep it nice and warm.
  • The house should also be placed where guano can fall and accumulate without problem
  • Bats like to travel in roosts, so more two or three bat boxes are ideal if you are wanting to attract more bats
  • Bats rarely compete with birds for food or shelter, also their guano is not any more dangerous than bird droppings
  • If you move, it is best to leave the bat house as they rely on it being there for their home

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